AMARISAS     Clothing manufacturer

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                                                         Amarisas clothing factory

                               We provide quality craftsmanship on our custom clothes!

                                         Custom made-to-order Clothing in wholesale!     

                                                 Private label clothes manufacturer     

                         These photos below are examples of clothes made to order / customers own private label clothing    


                                  Vintage dresses and tops made to order

                                    Womens dresses manufacturer Womens tops manufacturer





                                        Men's shirts made to order 

                                   Men's shirts manufacturer


                                  Dance wear and club wear made to order        

                                   Club wear manufacturer

                                   Dance wear manufacturer

                                        Children's clothing made to order

                                          Childrens clothing manufacturer

                                   Kids wear manufacturer Children wear manufacturer  

                                         Maternity Wear made to order

                                    Maternity wear manufacturer

                                         Fabric prints custom made to order

                                          Fabric prints made to order Made to order patchwork Patchwork made to order


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