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From Plain to Pretty in an Instant

Are there times when you just want to wear something comfortable and not have to worry whether you look fashionable or not? If you are in this stump, then don't worry for you are not alone. Many women just find themselves in a fashion rut and getting out of it is really tiring.

Give yourself a break - you don't always have to become a slave to fashion. Fashion is not always like choosing between what's comfortable and what looks good. You can find a balance between the two and hopefully, these few quick 'glam up' items will help you when you lose fashion inspiration.

Quick 'Glam Up' Pieces You Must Have

Eyeglasses are the rave these days. It can turn your plain clothes and outfit into something that's effortlessly cool. Wear your favorite pair of sunglasses and strut out like your favorite model or wear simple eyeglasses and be your preppy self. Wearing eyeglasses is definitely one way that you can update your look without much trouble or hassle. Plus, it is the perfect answer if you didn't have enough sleep and your eyes are covered with big dark circles.

Hats come in a variety of ways and are godsend if you are suffering from bad hair days. Sometimes, you just don't have the time to make a perfect updo and a cute hat might be your lifesaver. Of course, it could become obvious that you are hiding your bad hair day so don't wear hats if you are going to be staying indoors most of the time. This 'trick' is only acceptable if you are outdoors and would need a hat. If you still don't have the time to style your hair or is just too lazy to deal with it, then a hair band is perfect for you. Hair bands are in fashion these days and just a simple, modern headband could give you the "nonstop-hair-styling" reprieve that you are looking for.

Bags are also perfect for they are not only functional, they are also fashionable. Even if you are just wearing a pair of jeans and white shirt, you can update that look by using a fashionable big bag. Consider your bag as a form of accessory that you wear to make a simple, plain outfit look well-thought off and pulled-together. Pair it with comfortable flats in a color that compliments your bag and you are good to go.

You can also wear a belt to make your outfit look more fashionable. Try wearing a big belt a little above your waist when you are wearing a dress to clinch your waist and give you more of a curve. You could wear skinny belts with jeans or skirts. Belts are in fashion today and you can play around with belts if you want color and style to your plain and simple outfit.

Those are just a few tricks that you can use to make a simple outfit look fashionable in an instant.


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