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Shake What Your Momma Gave You!

How many women have you met that are happy with their hips? I would guess not too many. Most women think they are too large or too small. Hardly anyone is happy with what God gave her.

Luckily, there are quite a few options for this problem area. Fabric, texture, line and design can play a part in hip success or distress. Let us start with texture. Think carefully where you put textured fabric on your body. The eye focuses on the texture of a garment. If you wear a textured fabric on your hips, you are highlighting the area for people to look at.

Fabric textures can help or hinder your figure. If your hips are wide and you do not want them to look wider, do not accentuate the hip are with textured fabric. Keep material smooth and flowing over the hips. If your hips are slim and your build is less curvy then consider adding some weight to your frame by wearing texture on your lower half.

The design of a skirt is also very important. The straight skirt as pictured at right is a good style for most women. The fact that it is longer than it is wide gives the illusion of slimness. Women who have prominent saddlebags should avoid the straight skirt at all costs. The straight skirt will accentuate saddlebags. However, if you have prominent saddlebags and you do not mind shape wear; (undergarments that pull you in from every direction with various amounts of force), then put on the shape wear and the straight skirt. Be very careful and be sure to notice how the saddlebags are faring.

Lines clearly create a visual impact. I hope everyone knows that horizontal lines create a wider and shorter look in a garment. Vertical lines create the illusion of slimness. Be careful how far apart the vertical lines are, if they are too far apart the vertical slimness illusion can be lost.

Decide whether you need to accentuate or camouflage your hips. Any details in the fabric, texture, or line create an area that the eye will be attracted too. Think about where you want attract attention and dress your hips accordingly.


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