How to Order

1. Please read through this page regarding 'how to order'.


 Also read our 'terms and conditions'.


 If you've questions then please call us, thank you.


 2. Place your inquiry by e-mail.


 3. We will calculate the costs.


 4. Once payment is received, your order will be processed.


 And we will take care of all the details from here. 




Custom Made Clothes




Email us with all your contact information.


Please send us all details of your order in your first email.




Make the best out of your investment.


First of all, contact your consultant - call us!


Your consultant is the key to making a good deal.




At Amarisas, your consultant is involved in the production process from A to Z. He is therefore a source of useful information that will save you money on your clothes.


It's a key person for you also in terms of quality as he is following your order at every step of the sourcing and production process.


Your consultant is more than a salesman.


He is your representative in the clothing factory. He follows the production of your order on a daily basis. He is responsible for the success of the partnership as he has to make sure that what is important to you is also important to the factory workers.


It's only good business practice to have a chat about the budgets and timing before exchanging a lot of emails. You'll receive a phone number when we answer your first email to us. You can also find the number on this website.


Contact your consultant today and get a feel of what sort of price and timing can be achieved.


For made to order clothing that you will sell for a profit, order your clothes straight from our clothing factory in Thailand.




The ideal Clothes Manufacturer?


Are you looking for Private label manufacturers to manufacture a small quantity of clothes?


Are you looking for apparel manufacturers who can realize your order of clothes for a competitive fee?


Do you need a European clothing manufacturer or a serious clothing manufacturer with a presence in Asia?


Do you have trouble finding a reliable clothing factory to order clothes samples for your next fashion line? 


Then, contact us now; we will do our best to provide you with relevant and specific information. We make sure that you get the best possible deal out there.




Why choose Amarisas as your manufacturer?


- You are dealing with a European managed company.


- You don't have to worry about customs clearance. We take care of that for you.


- You are in direct contact with our sewing factory in Thailand.


- You receive personalized advice to get the best value for money.


Notes: To order custom made clothes, get your consultant to put together the information specific to your project. This should include the minimum budget per type of fabric.


Order Custom Made Clothes


Get started:




Need a Manufacturer for


Your Private Label of Garments?


Email us your designs. Send us your samples of fabric or your clothes samples. Here, we describe the third step of the order process.


Perhaps you've just called your consultant at Amarisas. It is now time to email the details of your designs and information of your order.


Your consultant will then get back to you with a first quote.




Email us a sketch of your designs with the most important dimensions. We will take it from there. We will integrate this information in our patterns.


If you do not wish to provide any specific dimensions, we will use our standard sizing chart.




Use .JPG files to send us your logos.




When mailing any fabric samples, let us know the tracking reference and the mailing service.


Make sure to send your package for attention of your consultant.


Mark the package and documents 'NO COMMERCIAL VALUE'.




To choose the colour of your garments, let us know the pantone reference.




A small order of garments can be queuing behind a much bigger one.


When the agenda is not overbooked, we are able to produce a sample within two weeks.


In any case, the first step is to speak with your consultant at Amarisas. You will get a feel of the timeframe for the production of your clothing.




China versus Thailand:


There are many clothes manufacturers in Asia. Why choose us?


You are dealing with a European company, not a Chinese company.


You don't have to worry about customs clearance: Importations from Thailand factories are not subject to the same strict rules imposed to clothing suppliers from China.




Thank you for choosing Amarisas.


All clothing manufacturers in Asia can make large orders of garments at a low price, as well as simply a small run of clothes.


China and Thailand are among the biggest exporters of clothes in the world.


There are many clothing manufacturing companies listed in Asia. Thank you for taking interest in our website and our company.


We do our best to be your preferred choice when selecting from hundreds of garment makers and suppliers.


Clothes: How to Order?


Get samples of your clothing line.




Payments and production.


How to get clothes samples of your designs? When do you pay for them and when do you get them?


How much is a clothes sample?


You get free clothes samples when you order in Bulk. The clothes sample is identical to the clothes produced in bulk. 


It is made of the exact fabric of your choice, selected from the samples of fabric that you have chosen. It is also dyed in the exact colour of your choice.


Your clothes sample is free, you only pay for its shipping. It is made at no extra cost because it’s made using fabric that we have purchased to produce your bulk order.


What about a prototype?


A prototype of your design, on the other hand, is a unique and first version of your design. You pay for it regardless of whether you order in bulk or not.


It may not be the exact fabric or colour of your choice as it is made of fabric that we already have in stock at the time of your order (limited choice).




How to order in bulk and when do I get my clothes samples?


We send you clothes samples of your designs before cutting all the fabric and before sewing all your clothes.


This step generally takes place after choosing your fabric and after dying.




You are in control of the production at every step:




Sourcing the Fabric:


We source the fabric for you, each supplier of fabric has its own minimum quantity order. So before we purchase the fabric in bulk, we arrange for you to choose the fabric from a selection that we have put together for your attention. 


Dying the Fabric:


After the fabric has been purchased, we send you a swatch / small sample of fabric in the right colour.


This allows you to give us the green light for all the fabric to be dyed.


Payments of the Clothes Samples and Bulk Order:


Given the above, the payment of your clothes will therefore break down into small payments related to:


- Ordering your favourite fabric.


- Ordering labels and/or hanging cards.


- Purchasing specific features such as buttons or personalized dust bags.


- Dying of the fabric.


- Printing / Embroidery.


- Mailing of your clothes samples, samples of fabrics and swatches.


- Cutting and sewing in bulk, ironing, packaging and preparing the Certificate of Origin and other documents necessary for shipping and customs clearance.


Of course the breakdown above may vary from one design to another.


In some cases it is possible to make clothes samples before ordering and dying the fabric.




The first step to order clothes samples is to call your consultant at Amarisas or email us to get appointed a consultant.


Your consultant will help you work out the best possible deal and will explain how the general process above applies to your specific designs.


  • Manufacturing custom clothing
  • Following up orders
  • Sourcing fabrics 
  • Making samples and prototypes
  • Quality control/Inspection
  • Post-shipment
  • Opportunity identification 
  • Trip preparation and accompaniment
  • Translation & Interpretation 
  • Full service package A-Z