Terms & Conditions

-Wholesale only.


 General minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 to 300 items per design.


 And minimum 500 to 1000 items in total per any order.


 -Once order is accepted customer pays 50%


 and remaining 50% to be paid upon shipping.


 We issue an Advance Payment Guarantee.


 -For estimated shipping costs, please contact us.




 FAQ - made to order


 Why should we order from Amarisas instead of other clothing suppliers?


 You should order from Amarisas if you need quality clothing with superb


 stitching and finishing. We provide beautiful and superior quality clothing.


 Amarisas accepts orders of smaller quantities then our competitors.


 We are a Western managed clothing factory with low costs and excellent service.


 Which countries do you ship to?


 We ship to many countries - mainly to UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.


 How do I order and what happens next?


 1) First you send us an email with all the details regarding your order.


 You should give us a call if you've questions.


 2) Then we reply and include estimated manufacture costs and other details


 for your consideration.


 3) Then we make samples which we'll post to you for your approval.


 4) We process your order and ship the items to you.


 Do I need to come to your factory to order?


 No, you do not need to come here. We can do everything through email, phone and post.


 If you do not come to our factory then we'll post samples to you for your approval


 before beginning manufacture of your main bulk order.


 Can I order samples first and then place the bulk order?


 Yes, we understand that customers wants samples first, and then need a sales period to


 collect orders from their customers. This is not a problem, however we will ask the customer for


 a small deposit of the bulk order. This deposit will be reimbursed when placing the bulk order.


 Do you give free samples?


 Yes, samples are free when ordering in bulk.


 We ask for a deposit for the samples but this deposit will be reimbursed to you


 when you place your main order.


 What is the time scale for receiving my samples?


 If we're not to busy at the time you order samples we'll post them to you within 2 weeks.


 The time scale remains the same whether you have 1 sample or 50.


 More than 50 samples might take up to one month to complete.


 What is the time scale for manufacture and to receive my order?


 In general we're able to manufacture orders of a quantity of up to a few thousand


 items within a month. We're also able to accommodate smaller quantities as well


 as larger quantities.


 Can I put my own label and logo on the clothes?


 Yes, and you have two options:


 1. Send your label design to us and we make them for you.


 2. Send your finished labels to us and we put them on the clothes (free of charge).


 You can also get your logo on the packing bags.


 Shopping bags in plastic or paper with your logo can be arranged for.


 How do I place an order and


 what do I need to provide for you to manufacture my clothing?


 You need to give us a sketch or a photo. This along with


 some specifications / measurements or at the least some comments.


 You can also post to us the actual garments you wish to have manufactured.


 Do you provide 'full service package'?


 Yes, we take care of everything from pattern making to the final


 packaging and delivery to the 3rd party freight forwarder.


 Do you provide photos and sales catalogues?


 Yes, we will create your sales materials at a lower cost


 compared to the costs in your home country.


 Do you have a code of conduct?


 Yes please see this link 'code of conduct'.


 What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?


 Generally 500 to 1000 items in total. 100 to 300 items per design. Mixed colors and sizes.


 For non-stretch materials our MOQ is 100 items / colour / design.


 For stretch materials our MOQ is 300 items / colour / design.


 For knit wear our MOQ is 500 items / colour / design.


 How do you pack my clothes?


 We iron and pack in polyester bags free of charge.


 Do you wish to have your logo on the bags we can also do that for a fee.


 By which shipping company will my order be delivered?


 DHL or UPS, 2-5 days arrival time by air. Other company by choice.


 We can make recommendations of cheaper alternatives.


 How much are the shipping costs?


 EXAMPLE: 30kg /about 200 dresses by air = 170 Euro (UPS or DHL to Europe/USA).


 Cheaper shipping / cargo can be recommended upon request!


 Sea freight is cheaper but takes much longer time for arrival.


 Please see examples of shipping costs on this link 'Shipping Costs'.


 Which sizes are available?


 European sizes /US sizes/UK sizes /Australian sizes. Or your own custom sizes.


 Which textiles/fabrics can you work with?


 In general all kinds of fabrics. Knit and woven/ stretch and non stretch.


 It's your choice and we advice you if wished for.


 You have the option to provide us with your fabric, but it's not necessary as we can


 source all materials on your behalf.


 We're able to source and work with most kinds of materials.


 Can I order printed fabrics or patterned fabrics?


 Yes, if you order up to the minimum set by our textile suppliers.


 When you inquire for specific prints or patterned fabrics in small quantity


 we'll almost certainly not be able to help you unless you're willing


 to use alternative prints or even better use plain colours.


 How many different colours can I order?


 You can order a few colours of every design.


 However colours and fabrics are subject to availability


 and your desired colours might not be available on stock.


 If you order up to the minimums set by the textile manufacturer


 then you can order any colours wanted for.


  • Manufacturing custom clothing
  • Following up orders
  • Sourcing fabrics 
  • Making samples and prototypes
  • Quality control/Inspection
  • Post-shipment
  • Opportunity identification 
  • Trip preparation and accompaniment
  • Translation & Interpretation 
  • Full service package A-Z